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We are delighted to announce that we are a Service Provider IT company which is born in Amsterdam to bring charismatic changes to enable Work from home in this Pandemic (Covid-19) with the help of launching a great IT enablement using the latest Public Cloud technologies from Microsoft Azure and provisioning Virtual Desktops to the masses with extra-ordinary features.

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We are delighted to announce that we are a Service Provider IT company which has born in The Amsterdam to bring charismatic changes to enable Work from home in this Pandemic – Covid 19 with the help of launching a Great IT enablement using the latest Public Cloud Technologies from Microsoft Azure and provisioning Virtual Desktops to the masses with extra-ordinary features.


  • 95% Organizations are working remotely due to the ongoing global threat.
  • 80% Employees at various companies quoted the ability to work from anywhere as their top perk.
  • 70% Executives agree that the amount of time, money and resources spent on IT maintenance is affecting the overall competitiveness of their organizations







Here we proudly present our World on Cloud

More and more, organizations are looking for technology solutions that eliminate the burden of hardware and increase the mobility of their workforce. Perhaps one of the most attractive of these solutions is cloud desktops (also known as hosted desktops, virtual desktops or VDI), which essentially deliver computing power to any device connected to the Internet without the need for your own servers.

What is a cloud (virtual) desktop or DaaS (Desktop as a Service)?

Here, we’ll define a “cloud desktop” as a Windows-based virtual desktop that is being delivered over the Internet to your device (be it an iPad, laptop, PC, Mac, or otherwise).

In other words, any cloud desktop gives you that Windows desktop experience that we’re all familiar with, but the actual World on Cloud (WoC’s) computing power is coming from your Cloud provider’s servers at a remote datacenter — not your own devices and that is from

“The Renowned Microsoft Directly


The Microsoft Azure Public Cloud”

Features of DaaS (Desktop as a Service) using Windows Virtual Desktops:

  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Agility
  • Reduced TCO’s (Total Cost of ownership)
  • Flexibility
  • Host 3rd-party applications on our desktop solution
  • Easy to access environment
  • Accessibility from Anywhere

Managed DaaS

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop

Seamlessly migrate your workloads to a secure full featured virtual desktop on Azure cloud and enhance your desktop experience with World on Cloud’s Managed Windows Virtual Desktop solution.

Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) is the ONLY desktop and application virtualization service that provides a multi-session Windows 10 experience on the Azure cloud. It optimizes O365 experience and enables your IT team to transition existing Windows server (Remote Desktop Services) desktop and applications on Azure.

World on Cloud is among the first WVD service providers and sub-partners of Microsoft to successfully deliver Windows Virtual Desktop implementations. WOC’s Managed WVD solution takes away the pain of provisioning, application integration, configuration, and end to end management of the complete server to screen WVD environment. The managed WVD provides, superior end user experience, high application availability, scalability, 24×7 proactive infrastructure monitoring, and timely provisioning of security patches and updates.


Features of WoC’s Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Highly Secure Windows 10 Desktop from Microsoft Azure with Internet enabled
  • Office 365 suite Included
  • Authentication via Microsoft Active Directory (Highly Secured via policies)
  • Centralized File-share
  • Personal and Secured Home profile for every User
  • Assistance of Onboarding native and or Windows 10 supported Desktop Applications on WOC –WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop)

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop Offers

You can order Managed WVD’s as per your requirement for Light, Medium, Heavy or Power users Windows 10 environment. Managed WVD includes Onboarding and Managed Services by World on Cloud.

Pricing Details for World on Cloud:

1) Shared Model – This comes with shared desktops that are provisioned from the for a minimal of 10 users at € 695,– monthly which is the service cost. Implementation cost are bases on requirements from the clients. For dedicated model with your own subscription on your request.

2) Dedicated Model – For a dedicated model , our team of technical consultants will understand all the requirements from the enterprises and help them with the design and implementation of Windows Virtual desktops for a range of users. The cost of design and implementation will vary on the customized design and the number of users to be provisioned and accordingly the project work can be accomplished by the World on Cloud team.

    Design & Consulting with World on Cloud (WoC)

    Whether you are just considering or have already taken a decision to adopt it by migrating on to Microsoft Cloud and are wondering how to go forward, WOC’s Design & Consulting Services can help you make the right decisions. We use our immense experience in helping you navigate your way through the many complexities involved such as choice of technologies, vendors, licensing considerations, hardware and connectivity, application compatibility, etc. to come up with the optimal solution for your specific needs.

    As a DaaS (Desktop as a service) provider, World on Cloud offers Design & Consultancy Services that address EUC demands of the company planning to move to virtual workspaces on private, public or hybrid cloud.

    A sample of some factors considered as a part of Design & Consulting:

    • Upstream and downstream dependencies and evaluation ofimplications of migration to the cloud.
    • Cost-benefit analysis with direct and indirect cost implications, andre-purposing of existing infrastructure.
    • Ease of portability, of the workload to the public or hybrid cloud.
    • Workload performance assessment across relevant geographies.

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